People Of The Now 1 - some electricians

Let's start as we mean to go on - with people.

A pair of electricians visit the house to repair a broken lightswitch:

Electrician: Aren't your fish a bit big for that tank?
Me: Uh, I've heard that they grow to fit their environment. I guess we couldn't get another one.
E: Heh.
M: Anyway, I bet you visit some really wild houses. With, like, 50 cats or something.
E: Oh yeah! What about that weird guy?
Another Electrician: *working* Oh yeah...
E: This guy, the three days we were round, was sitting in his chair right, completely naked except for a t-shirt!
M: God.
E: And not a big one. Think he saw what those young people wear and like, took it too far.
M: Yeah, that's-
AE: All fixed mate. The switch wasn't screwed in properly.
M: Thanks guys. Tea?
E: Nah, best be off.

I'd be willing to bet they've seen far far weirder stuff in their time... George Formby's "When I'm Cleaning Windows" was bang on the money. Perhaps I'm entering into the wrong game with this marketing thing?

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