What if: Planners had Books?

Okay, they have plenty of books. "The Branding Gene," "50 Twitters that Changed the World," "Strategists are from Mars, Tacticians are from Venus," or whatever*. But I mean, y'know, books! Le portfolio, darling.

Why not? It's a fantastic system for creatives. They get to take their ideas and make physical product that serves their purposes even better than a CV - it not only says something about them, but provides a real demonstration; "if you hire me, I will basically give you stuff like this for money".

Just how did such a system come about? Necessity, I'm guessing. They can't go to an agency they want to work for and say "I have a level 3 in creativity, for here is my certificate". The portfolio is the solution to the problem of selling ideas.

But what does a planner sell? Well, ideas. So why not a portfolio for them?

These are the thoughts I had when I started to make my own book. Or perhaps that stuff above is what planning does best, some juicy post-rationalisation. All I know is that creatives got to carry cool books around with them that meant a lot to them - said who they were, what they did. And picked up chicks. I wanted one.

Thankfully, an art director with a vision and some serious Quark skills (mad props, Shwan) agreed it might work, and helped me out - and so , when it came to interview time, I had evidence of my thoughts to show. And something enticing to leave behind, after I'd left.

Did they read it that much? I don't know... but it was a good conversation piece - and more than that, it helped me realise that yes, I can think of interesting things and talk about them. And yes, I might be right for this business.

It's all in the book.

*fictional. But I wouldn't be surprised!


  1. Anonymous12:39

    neat idea, strange nobody thought of this before. perhaps there is a reason...

  2. If it has been thought of and discarded before, I expect the reason was that the 'planning idea' is much less concise than the creative idea, since we need to show research/insight, making it less readable. You can't flick through it and go 'good, good, great, shit' in a crit situation.

    But maybe there's a compromise? I'm thinking something along the lines of 'Don't Write Ads, Write Strategies', by Scamp: