Our APG Project: There's a magical place, we're on our way there...

After 10 weeks of hard thought, graft, and (some) dicking about, APG is over. The project brief was how to launch Best Buy in the UK, when it comes over in 2010. We answered it with verve and bombast, including reverentially watching the old Toys 'R' Us ad in silence.

Here's my bit - a madman's ramblings about recession psychology.

(what the bloody hell happened to the font? Use your imagination)
But the real payoff came when Ramzi (Yakob. No relation - or is he?) took the stage and went off on a beautiful, utterly impromptu serenade about the universality and creative depth of our concept.

We didn't win. She did. But I had a really, really good time.


Still gives me goosebumps.


  1. If by relation - you mean to Faris. Yes, he's my brother.

  2. Jeez, this industry :)

  3. Anonymous17:46

    See I knew it, same Faris hair! Can't believe it took you ten weeks to get that one :)

    That ad is amazing.

    Nice, I mean exciting, deck, I guess I should upload the winning masterpiece and share the love :)

  4. Good stuff. I had to do strategy for an anti-teenage smoking campaign, Russell was judging.
    Somehow we came joint first - we were obviously in an easy year, this is much better.

  5. Cheers Northern. I think the problem was that we got so wrapped up in the beauty (we thought) of our idea that we (I) forgot to articulate it properly. The restraint in Nicola's show is evident, and artful. Can't wait to see what Best Buy actually do...

  6. I love it when the beat goes to half-time one the 'There's millions' line, before speeding up again for the last couple of bars. Genius.