People of the Now 4: Ria from Nitro, aka Ms Mini

A couple of weeks ago, the inaugural 'Adland's Got Talent' tarnished the reputation of the London School of Fashion. A varied and fiercely talented field of people doing what they love was ultimately overcome by Ria, internal comms of Nitro by day and neo-beat poetess by night. Amid the smoking ashes of battle, we caught up for a chat.

Adland's Got Talent - a tough crowd?

I wouldn't have said Adland's crowd was tough... I was restricted in the what i perfomed because i wasnt just representing myself but Nitro as well.

Do you ever worry that people won't 'get' what you're giving them?

No. I perform on the circuit, so those in the audience will more than likely have an idea of what spoken word is. My material is all real. Stuff that you me and anyone else can relate to because i tell it how it is.

What's your motivation for poetry?

I've been writing poetry for the longest time. It was a diary of sorts. The paper is always there to listen. I write because i have to, it's the only way to make sense of all the stuff that goes on in my head.

What about entering the competition?

It was my office manager that sent the email round. She then sent me an email saying you have so got to enter this - you'll win. I doubt anyone else can do what you do. So i thought why not... as a performer i try not to ever turn down the chance to perform. I want to put Spoekn Word out there - make it mainstream like it is in the states. The best way to do that is bring to people who wouldnt otherwise encounter it.

Would you say poetry and advertising are linked? They've both got ego, at least. Or do you do it to get away from the business?

Linked? The old ECD here had me write a piece for a Nike spot but it was for the Russian market so they didnt really get it. That's as far as the link goes. I write poetry because that's who i am. I started to perform it because friends thought others could benefit from what i say.

Who's the best on the scene right now?

Hmmm, off the bat Under Da POETree. A poetic duo who speak to music.Where do you see spoken word going in 2009?Hopefully where all other art forms are going and beyond. The market is out there we just need to access it and bring it to the mainstream.


The concensus from the crowd during the interval was that the whole field was strong - who 'deserved' to win depended very much on what you thought the competiton was for. However, it seemed fitting that an ad bash should be won by a piece of communication at its most raw, most elemental. Congratulations, Ria!

(Her myspace has lots of work on it, and is awesome)

(and Under Da Poetree is cool too)

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