Nike Be Transformed

How great are these? I wish I was a girl. And lived in the asia-pacific economic region.

Statement from Nike:
For women wanting to experience their own transformation Nikewomen.com also offers a unique training program- the Nike Training Club. With Nike Training Club, customizable training programs can be created to target key areas and maximize dynamic training such as core, strength and cardio. The customizable program can be shared and downloaded to an iPhone/iPod touch®.
That'll be Nike+, then.

An enabling message combined with arresting, imaginative visuals is alright by me, thanks. And it beats the UK comms' obsession with football...

(thanks AKQA)


  1. bloody love it, what I wouldnt do to be handed a brief with a budget like that...

  2. It feels as though the budget didn't intimidate them, too. Scale is eschewed in favour of imaginative depth...and the experiential stuff is worthwhile, to boot :)