People of the Now 6: Marlon.

Me: Marlon?
Marlon: Yeah mate. Like I said, I'm not a salesman, I'm a creative. What you see here? It's what you get. It's what we all get. What you gotta remember, blud, is what's actual is factual, and what you can see is what you feel, inside. I'm not selling you a t-shirt, right? Well I am selling you a t-shirt, but really I'm selling you an eye-den-ti-tee, right? This is the philosophy of my label. Ages 9-39. All you gotta do is place an order with me now, cash, upfront, and then I will call you and shi' is goin' daaahn. Be part of something big. The most important thing is, don't believe my hype.
Me: Gotcha.

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