People of the Now 5 - Uno

On the train home yesterday, there is a man reading a book entitled Plane Flight, a couple of seats away. I put down my copy of American Psycho and look up...

Me: Can you... fly planes?
Uno: Mmhmm. Small ones only. You need a special license for each size though.
M: That's... so cool. Living out a childhood dream.
U: Well, and I'm an engineering student so I have that to fall back on.
M: Wow... I just do marketing and ads and stuff. I kinda wanted to be a journalist at one point.
U: You seem a bit like a paparazzi!
M: If only. Being a pap would be pretty good. I was told when I was very young that getting into journalism was next to impossible, so...
U: Ah but that was other people's experience. If you only rely on other people's experience you can never know if you were able to do it. Abraham Lincoln said, "Failure is not a signal to give up. It is a signal to try again".
M: Right on! You never know, huh? I might be a paparazzi one day yet.
U: It's funny you should say that. You know Alexandra from the last Big Brother?
M: Uhm. Yes?
U: I got through to the end.. but my police check didn't come through in time. She was my stand-in.
M: Oh what?
U: Yeah well, you know. I'm gonna apply next year.
M: Can they... fast-track you or something?
U: They said not.
M: Bastards. Don't give up.

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  1. You'd better believe it! Damn, never asked what he thought of Dead Set.

  2. I like that story!
    nice blog brother and nice work on getting an ACTUAL job. in answer to your question, I'm the one who worked on Cap One at the same time as you and Shwan. see you around no doubt.

  3. You certainly will Dave. As a coda to this - Uno's actually quite a good friend now. You never know about people, huh.