This is how you generate buzz, mate

Take a bow, Tourism Queensland. Fuck. You know the idea's special when you don't realise the damn thing's been sold to you until after you've bought it.

They're advertising for someone to take on 'the best job in the world'. They contend that this would consist of dicking about with the fishies and coral and generally having a good time around the Great Barrier Reef. Oh, but you do have to document it. A bit. Benefits include a million-quid beach house and respectable wage, to say the least.

"Hold on!" you cry, "this sounds like a prize, not a job!". Well, yeah, now that I read it back. But I didn't when I first saw it. I took it at face value (to my shame), because it was pitched so earnestly and well-toned. In the Vacancies section of the Metro. It's only when it reappeared as articles that I reconsidered.

Most people will have had more brains and spotted it for what it was, but there's still plenty going for this campaign:
-Its job angle seems strangely resonant considering the current employment situation.
-The idea that you actually do give something back to them adds a weight and sincerity to the proposition. It recognises the reality of the exchange - it is them who are looking for something from you.
-The uniqueness has allowed all the major press sites to pick up on it without feeling like they're prociding free publicity. Except that they are.
-It's a prize that pretty much anyone would want - and The Best Job In The World is pretty memorable. Punchy and confident.

I think this $1.7m campaign has the potential to work. It's based on a few sound insights and some cunning twists in the prize formula.

Apply at the sexual-practice-like http://www.islandreefjob.com/, and this could be your office.


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